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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Just today I was ready my beautiful friend, Bobbi's, blog over at N Her Shoes. She was given the Kreativ Blogger Award and then Bobbi so graciously awarded it to me. So, with that award comes the responsibility of sharing 7 things about myself that almost nobody else knows about. And then I award this to someone else who will share 7 things about themselves. I am honored that Bobbi would think of me but I certainly don't think that I am a creative blogger by any means, but I kind of think she was graciously trying to give me more exposure as I try to re-enter the wonderful blog world. So, here we go....

7 Things That Nobody Knows About Me:

1. If I could, I would adopt many, many children.

2. Babies seriously scare me. I hate not knowing what they need when they cry.

3. I often wish that I could be an actress on a family-friendly television show.

4. I prefer not to have cheese on anything but LOVE it on pizza! (But will still eat food with cheese when I am guest in someone's home).

5. I was in choir in high school but I really can't sing.

6. I want to learn how to ballroom dance.

7. I don't want to work at my job anymore. People are really nice but job is not rewarding or fulfilling in any way.

Now, 3 Bloggers to give the award to:

1. Kamran at The Sophisticated Gourmet

2. Lacey at Common Objects and Everyday Events

3. ALL OF YOU!! (Totally taking Bobbi's idea cause you are ALL creative and I would love to see all of your answers)

So, that was the Kreativ Blogger Award. Again, I will say that I am honored that Bobbi would choose me. I gotta get back in the habit of writing. At least this time it only took me a little over a week (thanks Bobbi!!). We still haven't hooked up my computer but that will change things a lot when that happens. But if I don't write this weekend, I will definitely be posting next week for sure. We have two big events coming up next week:

1. October 27th - I will have my sonogram where I find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I can't wait to find out!!

2. October 28th - This is our next court date in the adoption process with our son, Tyler. This court date should terminate the birth families parental rights for good. Once that happens, the birth parents have the right to appeal, which they probably will. We have to wait 60 days just to see if they appeal. So, we are ready for the next phase but after that it is just a waiting game for us. So, if you remember, please do keep us in your prayers.

Anyone have any big plans for this weekend??

Have a Great Night Everyone!!

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Lacey Nicole said...

heheh babies scare me too!!!!! especially babysitting for very very young babies of someone else-- a lot of pressure.

yay thank you for tagging me!!! HAPPY FRIDAY! have a great one!

you should totally sign up for a 5k i recommend all women's races for sure!