Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and share in my journey. This journey started in February of 2009 and I am hoping to stay strong. Every time you leave a comment it truly encourages me to stay healthy. Thank you to everyone who has ever left a comment and to everyone who will leave a comment in the future. You would be surprised how easily you can encourage someone with just a few words. If you would like to see a little bit of where I was, please check out my first post on Day 1. I have been encouraged by so many other healthy bloggers out there as well. This journey will last me a life time because it truly has to be a lifestyle commitment. I also hope that you can be encouraged by my small triumphs. Thank you all for your support!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow!! I can't believe that it has been over two weeks that I have been Missing In Action (MIA)!!! It seems like it went by so fast! The last time I wrote I talked about my son leaving for camp. Well, he came back so fast. It was amazing how tired I felt while he was gone. I thought that I would do so much while he was gone but as soon as I had the time, I just felt exhausted. I guess I didn't realize how tired I was until I actually had a moment to rest. And before I knew it, I was already picking my son up from camp. That week flew by in the blink of an eye. I did manage to get some time in to do stuff that I don't always get to do. On that Monday night, I went out to dinner and a movie with my wonderful friend, Beth. We went to Rubio's and chatted it up, grabbed a Mocha Frappucino from Starbuck's, and then headed off to the movies. We went to see The Proposal which was REALLY funny. Also, during the week that my son was at camp, my husband and I managed to find some to go eat at Pick up Stix and get some Frozen Yogurt at TCBY and were just able to relax... a little. Before we knew it, Tyler was back and we had to get back in the groove of things. Don't get me wrong... I absolutely love my son, but it was really nice to have a break.

I would love to recap you on all that has been going on since I last wrote but in all honesty it seems like such a blur. There have been barbecues, fireworks, swimming, meetings with social workers (blah!!), work, and so many other random things (some fun and some not). So, at this point I am hoping that I can do some major catching up on all of your blogs and perhaps gets some regular posts started up again. I will have to post some random pics up in one of my next blogs so that you can get a little dose of what I've been up to but as of right now, I want to catch up on what you have all been up to. And hopefully, you all haven't given up on reading my blog! :-)

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