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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camp and A Wonderful Treat

So, yesterday morning I dropped my son off to go tocamp. He was so excited! He has never been to camp before and he has never stayed overnight anywhere without us since he has moved in with us (about a year ago). As soon as I woke him up, he bounced out of bed with a huge smile (which has never happened before) so you know he was excited. Here's a pic of him with his sleeping bag as we were loading up the van. He could not stop smiling and saying "thank you for letting me to go camp."

Once at the meeting location, it did not take him long to make a friend. In front of us in line was a boy that Tyler instantly bonded with. They were like two peas in a pod. And they were instantly asking the camp staff in they could be in the same cabin together. And when they got on the bus they just had to sit together. Here are the buddies together on the bus.
We were pretty excited about camp, too, because we needed a break. Tyler is a great kid but he really can wear on a person. He's much better than he was but in the beginning he had us crying out to God daily. It's amazing to see his transformation (and ours). I definitely miss Tyler but it is nice to be able to relax. :-)

A Wonderful Treat

So, when I went to go check my mail today, I was delighted to see that I had a nice package. Recently I entered a give away for some Trader Joe's goodies over at Faith In Food. And to my surprise, I actually won. I was wondering when I would receive the package and today was my lucky day. I was so excited! Here's all the goods:
In the package was:
- Perk Up Your Trek Mix
- Gluten Free Granola
- Sun Butter
- Thai Style Lime Pilaf
- Island Soyaki
- Pasta
- Dried Fruit Bars
- A handy-dandy Trader Joe's tote bag
- And a really sweet note that made my day!!!

So, I'm going to get going on a high note. I gotta get some rest. Have a wonderful night everyone!


Heather Hekman said...

Very cool. I hope Tyler has a great time at camp and that you have some good relaxing/rejuvenating time.

Lacey Nicole said...

CONGRATS on the tj's win!!! that's so awesome :) you'll have to share your thoughts on the food, i haven't tried most of that stuff!! and your son is so photogenic- great pics!!!! :)

Kamran Siddiqi said...

Great post about your son! And congrats on winning the Trader Joes giveaway.