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Monday, March 9, 2009


So, for my weekend wrap-up, I would like to say that I totally blew it with my 30-Day commitment to Jillian. I have missed my workout everyday since Thursday (including my WHOLE weekend!!). Now I feel like I have this HUGE set back and I feel like I am starting over from square one again. This did not make me happy.

However, other than that, my weekend was pretty good. We had Family Night Friday. We ordered a Little Caesar's Pizza and had some salad and grapes with it. Then we just relaxed and watched a movie. It was a really nice, relaxing evening.

Then on Saturday morning, I had my final basketball game with my kids. I coach a kids' basketball team through the Upward Sports program at Immanuel Baptist Church. I coached 3rd-4th grade boys and girls. After the game we had a pizza party at Uncle Howie's Pizza in Redlands. The kids got to enjoy the games. And I gave them certificates and we played some trivia game for prizes. We did that with my first team when I coached with my best friend. It was a great time. I'm gonna miss the kids but I am kinda glad the season is over. I like not having that absolute commitment every Saturday morning especially with Tyler here.

Then on Sunday we didn't really do too much because Tyler was having some attitude problems. It all started at church when he stole the snacks from another Sunday school class and claimed them as his own. After he was already caught he finally admitted that they weren't his. But because he had stolen those, we gave him a packet which at the end asks him to write a paragraph stating "How will we know that you have learned your lesson about stealing?" Well, he really did not like that question so he wasted the whole day away sitting at the table, not working on his packet. So, our Sunday was oh so boring. Blah!

Tomorrow I am going to try to remember to bring my camera to work so that I can take some pictures of my workplace. I hope I remember. I hope everyone had a great Monday! :-)

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