Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and share in my journey. This journey started in February of 2009 and I am hoping to stay strong. Every time you leave a comment it truly encourages me to stay healthy. Thank you to everyone who has ever left a comment and to everyone who will leave a comment in the future. You would be surprised how easily you can encourage someone with just a few words. If you would like to see a little bit of where I was, please check out my first post on Day 1. I have been encouraged by so many other healthy bloggers out there as well. This journey will last me a life time because it truly has to be a lifestyle commitment. I also hope that you can be encouraged by my small triumphs. Thank you all for your support!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The End of The Weekend and I Survived

So, it is now Sunday and I have been pretty good about making sure I get in a workout. Since I bought Jillian's 30 Day Shred, I have decided that I really want to do it everyday for 30 days. I started it on Friday, February 27, 2009. I did it yesterday and I have done it again tonight. So, this means that March 28, 2009 will be my 30th day. So, I really need to make sure that I schedule this in to each day just as I would with school, work, appointments, and just like I should be doing with my time with God. I am going to start making a weekly schedule which will definitely include time with God and exercise scheduled in.

Long Time Friends
Today I got to see a friend that I have not seen in SO long. She has been out doing the Good Work of our Father for the past 2 years. And now she is back for a few weeks before returning. There was a little party to celebrate her being here and let me just tell you that there was TONS of good food. Sadly, I did not stick to the healthy stuff such as these:
I went straight for the good stuff (but not as healthy stuff). And really, this family made everything as healthy as possible but my thing was that I didn't necessarily lean towards the healthiest things. I went straight for the meats and breads (wheat breads, though):

These are the meat dishes. I have no idea what they are called specifically but I know the two shredded meats are chicken and pork (I think). I only ate the chicken and it was GOOD. I was able to show some self control and NOT go back for seconds even though I REALLY wanted to.

This is turkey meat balls. They were GREAT. And I still managed to only get firsts.
And then comes my TOTAL weakness... DESSERT. Well, they had these AMAZING cookies. As you can see, they did not last long. They were home made. Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, and Snickerdoodles. Oh SO good!! I managed to refrain to only one chocolate chip cookie and one snickerdoodle. Once upon a time I would have REALLY eaten A LOT more, especially at this house where there is ALWAYS good food.
Now, if you notice, in the bottom right hand corner of the above picture, there is a zip-lock bag full of Snickerdoodle cookies. That bag has about 20 cookies in and believe it or not, they were set aside before I got there and sent home with because they remembered that I always loved those Snickerdoodle cookies. So, I showed restraint at the party but I know they will be totally be tempting me at home.

Now, I would show pictures of the people party but I didn't want to compromise anybody's work. And for those of you that know what the Good Work is, then you know why I didn't post the pictures.

So, onward to start my next week of my new lifestyle!! I am starting to feel better already and I have been sleeping much better since I have started exercising everyday. So, I hope that I can really stick with it.


TheBranchBlog said...

Hey kiddo. I started blogging again. Thanks for the nudge. I feel "rusty." Not that I was ever "good," but I do enjoy writing. See you. dm


YEAH 30 days you can do it!