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Friday, March 20, 2009

Newsboys Concert

So, tonight I was able to go to a Newsboys concert at my church! It was AWESOME! Recently the lead singer of the Newsboys, Peter Fuller, stepped down and over the past few weeks has been integrating a new lead singer in to the band. Can you believe that is the former lead singer of DC Talk, Michael Tait?!?!? Well, tonight was so amazing to hear the Newsboys with Michael Tait as the lead singer! And it was also cool because they played Newsboys songs and DC Talk songs. It was like seeing TWO concerts in one night! And everyone loved the show.

Unfortunately, I was a LAME-O once again and I forgot my camera. I have been forgetting that A LOT lately! Grr.. And there were some great pics to be taken. Well, during part of one of the songs, the drummers platform was raised and while he was doing his solo, the platform tilted forward and started spinning. It was great! Lucky for me, lots of other people have recorded it at other concerts so I'm just gonna show you what they captured. Same thing as our show.

Newsboys Drummer in Concert

In addition to that, this concert was so AMAZING because the TRUTH was spoken throughout the whole concert! I'm really going to have to start using some of these concerts as a ministry to my unbelieving friends. The music is GREAT which can attract an unbeliever, but then once they are there, they will hear God's truths!! Wonderful!!!

This may have been one of my favorite concerts ever!! Although I still think the Barlow Girls concerts were pretty great, too. They also made sure to preach God's truths throughout their concerts. I love to see these artists using their talent to reach people for God's Kingdom! AMEN!!!

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