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Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I know that Friday really was not that long ago but it seems like it was so far away that I really have to think about what happened. So, as I sit here I remember that I did not work at all on Friday. It was kind of nice to not work but at the same time we certainly need the money. I pretty much spent the day at my son's school. There was an Awards Assembly. It took like 2 hours!! The sad part is that the folders that were supposed to hold the certificates for the kids in my son's class somehow got misplaced so they actually did not get the awards until just before lunch. So, we sat there for two hours for nothing!!! But then after the awards assembly, Tyler got to run in his first official race. Every year his school holds an annual Turkey Trot, which basically is about a quarter of a mile. Tyler actually got 8th place out of all the 4th grade boys!! He was so excited! I unfortunately have no picture cause I lost my camera (or it got stolen - a whole other story). But his teacher took a pic of him racing but he hasn't emailed it to me yet. :-( But I will sure to post it as soon as I get it. As far as Friday night is concerned, I honestly can not remember what we did on Friday night. Hmmm.... I must be getting old.

Saturday was a relax day. We slept in and wore our PJs for the first half of the day. Tyler and I watched an old movie, Ernest Saves Christmas, while eating our breakfast. If you have never seen it, it is one of those movies that are so stupid that it makes you actually laugh. It's very cheesy. Taylor, unfortunately, had to work all day on Saturday so we didn't get to hang out with him too much until the evening. Tyler and I pretty much just lounged around all day. He had some chores to do that hadn't been done earlier in the week and then it was just hang out time. We did some cuddling up (which loves to do - but won't admit in front of friends, of course), drawing, and he played with his LEGOS. When Taylor got home, the three of us all had dinner together. And again, I have to say that I don't remember what we had for dinner. It must not have been very exciting. Then after dinner we played some Scrabble while having hot chocolate. It was some good family time. Then after that we were all pretty tired so it was time for bed. :-)

Sunday morning, I got up and decided that I wanted some pancakes. I just used the Bisquick boxed stuff where you just add water. But then I added some cut up bananas and pecans. It was sooo good. We even sprinkled some extra pecans on top. On the side we had scrambled eggs and some good, crisp grapes. Mmm.... Pardon the not so great pics as I am still using a cell phone since my camera is MIA. :-(

For lunch I made some PB & J sandwiches. I made Tyler's look like a face. I joked that it was his face because I made the Cheez-Its look like his teeth. We always joke that Tyler really big teeth. Does that make us bad parents???

Let's compare pictures.... Don't you think the sandwich looks like my son??? :-) j/k. We joke about this all the time. It's a good thing that he thinks it's funny, too!
Much of the rest of the day was pretty drained because Tyler started having attitude problems so that kind of cut his day short. Blah!!!

And then there is today - Monday. It was pretty uneventful. I went to work for only about 2 hours, which was not that exciting. And I came home to Tyler have an attitude with Taylor. More blah!! And then in the afternoon, I had to coach our basketball team. I am only the assistant coach (which is nice, since I'm pregnant) but the head coach is out of town for Thanksgiving. :-) It has been interesting getting to know the girls. I never really thought that I would want to teach or coach high school students but this actually could be a lot of fun - if we get a full team soon. It's a very small school and so far we only have four girls. We shall see...

For now, I am tired. It's only 10pm and I feel like it's midnight. I guess that's what pregnancy does to you. :-)

Oh! I almost forgot to post the picture of me wearing the maternity outfit that my awesome friend, Beth, got me. It's interesting how just simply wearing a maternity outfit suddenly just makes you look more pregnant. :-)

Happy Monday!!!

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