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Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday + More Baby Shower Pics

So, yesterday I went to an awesome Super Bowl Party! It was hosted by the wonderful Matt & Bobbi McCormick. They throw a great party! They had three TVs on throughout the house. My favorite one was in the garage with the ping pong table. Plus, it was cooler in there (temperature-wise) and I need to make sure that at 8 1/2 months pregnant that I keep myself cool.

Now, I have to ask... Is it strange that I went to a Super Bowl party without even knowing who is playing in the game??? I honestly had no idea until Matt told me. Then I think I didn't even watch the game at all, perhaps a few seconds. Watched the half time show for a moment and then we left.... Definitely not a football fan, here. :-)

BUT I definitely had to grub while I was there!! You can't go to a McCormick Party without getting some GOOD food! They were really smart about the food planning. They let everyone know that they were making Chili with ALL the fixings and then for everyone else to bring their favorite sides/dishes and drinks. It turned out great!!

Here's an overview of the spread. All kinds of good stuff... fruit assortments, veggie assortments, Inside out pizza, wiener dogs, chili, cookies, etc, etc.... and more stuff came after this pic was taken!!
Here's my first plate. :-)
Here's Tyler's first plate. I think I forgot to mention that I brought Tyler with me.
Here's my 2nd plate minus the fruit because I almost didn't take a picture... shame on me.

Here's Tyler's second plate.
And let's not forget a picture of the beautiful hosts!! I have been loving these two more and more everyday... such wonderful people!! I am ABSOLUTELY blessed to know them!


I do have to say again that I was so blessed by everyone that came to my baby shower. I was overwhelmed by the amazing turn out. I only wish that I could have to talked everyone so much more while they were there. And I do apologize to anyone if I didn't get a chance to talk to you much. I'm so sorry!!

So, here are some pics of the awkward part of the shower for me. Again, I don't know why but I just feel so strange with everybody just staring at me opening gifts. But I guess I can deal with being awkward for just a little while since everyone blessed my family so tremendously!! I couldn't possibly post everything I received but I did want to put up a few pics because I got so many nice things! :-)

This was an amazing blanket that a lady from my dad's church made. I thought it was so awesome!
I also thought these duck outfits were so cute. Perfect for a boy or a girl!

This whole basket of stuff was awesome!!! I love this bib. "Let's Do Lunch. It's on Me" How cute!
In addition to all the items that are like these are just oh so cute, I also got some great necessities.... like baby monitors, a breast pump, a stroller/car seat combo travel system pack, baby bottles, etc, etc, etc.... I HAVE TRULY BEEN BLESSED!!!!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!

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