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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Shower!! Baby Shower!!

So, yesterday I was just thinking that I should do a weekend wrap-up for last weekend... but then I realized it was already Friday and the end of the week and time to do a week in review. I never got to writing that post but I can't believe the week just flew by like that!! It is Saturday night and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED!!! Last weekend I went to a baby shower that I really wanted to post pictures for but I am feeling WAY too lazy right now. But it was a great shower with lots of GOOD food and interesting games. It was for my friend, Teresa, who I wrote about in a previous blog. And the rest of the week has been pretty busy - filled with Dr.'s appts, work for wire harness company, work for the school district, coaching basketball, dates with friends, planning for the baby shower, and of course the ever-important family time. I honestly don't know how I made it through the week. But here I am, dragging through the end of my Saturday. So, here it is... My Baby Shower!!! :-)

I must say I was SO nervous about throwing a baby shower because I have never done it before and I have only been to a couple of them myself. But I think that in the end the shower turned out pretty good - I hope. I have to definitely thank my wonderful mom and dad who were so instrumental in getting the shower together. My mom cooked ALL the food which everyone loved and my dad set up the room at the church where he works and did much of the heavy moving of tables and such for set up and clean up. I have also to thank my awesome friend, Grace, who was wonderful enough to run the show. She led all the games, passed out the cake, and wrote down all the gifts that I received. So, here's some pics from the party.

We start with the signs that pointed people to where the party was... They are nothing exciting but I just liked them :-)
Then there is the room after being decorated before anyone else showed up.
The table with all the party favors and the prizes for the games. My party favors are little To-Go boxes with ribbons. Very inexpensive at I don't know why these pictures turned out so dark. My apologies.
Here's the spread. I actually forgot to take a picture of this first and this after people already devoured much of the food.
Here's my plate. My mom made some AWESOME filipino food, which included lumpia, pancid, chicken adobo, and fried rice. I also got some pineapples, watermelons, veggies, and a macaroni pasta - which were not filipino but OH SO GOOD!! :-)
Here is the party cake. It is marble cake with chocolate frosting from Stater Bros. It was so good... at least I thought so. :-)
Here's my slice of cake. Mmm... :-)

The winners of the games:

Vickie won the game where you have to make as many words out of the letters used in "Baby Shower". She came up with 31 words!! And she won a gift card to Starbucks.
Bobbi won the game "How well do you know the Mommy-To-Be?". I guess she knows me pretty well! :-) That earned her a gift card to Jamba Juice!
And then there is Daylie. This little girl is vicious. As you can see, she won the game where you take everyone's ribbons if they say the word "baby" or cross their legs. Well, she obviously was watching everyone like a hawk. And that earned her a gift card to Cold Stone.
The winner of the diaper raffle was my cousin, Beverly. She won a dinner and a movie fun pack, which included a $25 gift card to Chili's, two movie passes, and some good movie snacks. She said she's going to use the prize to take her mom to dinner and the movies.
After the diaper raffle we went to the part of the party that I always find to be the most awkward. I don't know why but I have always HATED opening presents in front of people. Well, apparently at baby showers, you HAVE to open the presents while your guests are still there. I don't totally get it but I guess that's the rule. And I was going to post some of the pics of the stuff that I got but I will have to save that for tomorrow because I am exhausted and don't have the patience to wait for the pictures to download. So, tomorrow there will be more pics from the baby shower. Good night everyone!! :-)

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these are so great t!!! i love all of them...i had such a hard time deciding which one to comment on! you look amazing:) i will get the art show date to you as soon as i have it:) have a lovely week!