Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and share in my journey. This journey started in February of 2009 and I am hoping to stay strong. Every time you leave a comment it truly encourages me to stay healthy. Thank you to everyone who has ever left a comment and to everyone who will leave a comment in the future. You would be surprised how easily you can encourage someone with just a few words. If you would like to see a little bit of where I was, please check out my first post on Day 1. I have been encouraged by so many other healthy bloggers out there as well. This journey will last me a life time because it truly has to be a lifestyle commitment. I also hope that you can be encouraged by my small triumphs. Thank you all for your support!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 1

So, where should I start? Obviously, I should start with Day 1. Well, the first day on this journey was a couple of days ago on Monday, February 23, 2009. Here are a couple of pictures of me on this day so hopefully as the days go on, we will be able to notice a difference. These aren't the greatest pictures but they show what they need to show:

I am 5'11". I am currently weighing in at 194 lbs. with a waist line of 39 inches. My current pants size is 14. Some of my goals would be to weigh 160 lbs. with a waist line of 34 inches and a pants size of 10.
In adddition to the physical improvements, I am hoping to change my lifestyle. I want to plan more active activities throughout my week, I want to schedule exercise regularly, and I want to make better eating habits.

I also want to improve my life spiritually. I am a Christian but I don't see that I am really living the life that God has called me to be. I don't see that I am serving others nearly as much as I could. I am not spending time with God DAILY in His word AND in prayer.

These are all parts of the journey that I am embarking on. So, on my first day, I decided to try this Pilates video tape that I have had FOREVER and never tried. I did a 30-minute workout and I must say that it kicked my butt! Or shall I say that it KICKED MY ABS!! Two days later my abs are still sore. I will be doing that workout again today. This week I am doing Pilates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Next week I will do Pilates again on the same day, but then I will throw in a couple of short runs on Tuesday and Thursday.

And I am not writing this blog to say that I am the Ultimate Fitness person and that everyone should be watching me! I am however sharing this journey because 1) It's a big deal and accomplishment to me and I would like to share and 2) Everyone needs encouragement in seeing that other people can accomplish goals such as these so I hope that my blog can be an encouragement to at least one of you.


HangryPants said...

Hi! I just now got around to reading your blog! Good luck on your journey!!!

No-Frills Recipes said...

Hi! I hope that you'll persevere and succeed on your journey. God Bless and good luck!