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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hooray For Hump Day!!

Well, honestly today was a pretty decent day. It started off wonderful (Thank you Bobbi!!) and it ended great, too. So, let's start from the beginning.

This morning my wonderful friend, Bobbi, was so kind as to make breakfast for me. She not only made me breakfast but she made a WONDERFUL breakfast. She made me some amazing french toast that had some peanut butter spread and top and was topped with bananas and blackberries. It was SO good. She also had fruit on the side and she made fresh squeezed orange juice as well. Is she amazing or what?!?!?!? Well, I think she's amazing!! :-) Here are some pics of the wonderful breakfast.
Then after breakfast, I brought Bobbi to work to help her not to drive for the TSL Challenge. And then after that, I went straight to work which was a pretty normal day. Nothing too exciting happened

I have suddenly gotten so tired. So, I think that I am for the most part going to skip the rest of my day and get to the good part. Basically, I got a new bike today!! Woo hoo! I saved up some cans and bottles to pay for a portion of it (not as much as I thought the recycling would add up to) and I was able to get a bike today. Unfortunately I won't be able to ride it to work tomorrow because I have to go straight from work (early) to pick up Tyler and take him to a psych visit. But if he didn't have that appointment, I would be riding my bike to work tomorrow. it's been a while since I have actually owned a bike so I am pretty excited. I rode it around a little bit just in our yard and my legs were already starting to get tired. That doesn't look to promising for me. :-( Well, I have to get off to bed. I will post some pics of my new bike tomorrow. Hope every had a great Hump Day!


Lacey Nicole said...

what kind of bike did you get?! that is awesome!!! i love having a bike, it is definitely one of those Loved parts of me. i read something somewhere about paring down what you own to JUST things you love ... the bike would stay :) congrats! i also added you to my blogroll so i know when you post! have a great day!

Dia said...

your breakfast looks great!! I enjoy riding my bike to work, when, as you say, there aren't other erands to run! I'm a fair weather biker, so got it out a few weeks ago, then have been waiting for it to warm up & not rain again! I have a rack & great panniers (bags) so I can tote stuff to work or go shopping - need to check the tires for next week!

Suzie the Foodie said...

That is a beautiful breakfast! What a sweetheart to make that for you. I hope you can get to riding soon.

Thanks for commenting! I am now following your blog but because of health issues can not comment very often, I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful breakfast! Your blog is looking nice!