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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

So, I was quite dreading the social worker visiting but it actually was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. This social worker was actually somewhat reasonable. When the FFA (Foster Family Agency) social worker came, she nitpicked at EVERYTHING which was so annoying. I asked her to wait a few days since we just moved in but she said it wouldn't matter as long as we had the basics (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and stuff like that) but then she started dinging us for having boxes lying around and little things like that. It was SO annoying.... but at least this worker was so much more understanding.

Since I was already late to work, I decided not to ride my new bike to work because I wanted to get in as many hours as possible. But I did have to take a picture of just for you guys. It's a picture kind of taken at night so I will definitely get a picture, probably tomorrow morning when I am about to ride to work. But this will do for now.

It was a fairly inexpensive bike (especially with the cans and bottles I recycled to help pay for it). It is a Triax Mountain Bike. Notice that it still has all the store tags on it! Yep, I've actually been riding it like that! :-) Such a loser, huh?
We were supposed to have Family Fun Friday but my son was still kind of sick but he was being such butt-head because it was refusing to eat or drink anything that actually might help him get better and all he wanted was junk food. So, we cancelled Family Fun Friday and gave my son some vegetable soup which he absolutely hated and refused to eat. Hubby and I had vegetable soup, two slices of pizza and some mixed fruit. We had all kinds of fruit available so I just cut up a pear, a banana, and some strawberries and mixed it together.
That pretty much wraps up Friday. So, moving on to Saturday...

Saturday morning I coached my son's soccer team BUT without my son. We made him stay home on sick bed because he was still sick and refusing to eat. Well, since Tyler was still refusing to eat, we put him on "sick bed" all day on Satuday. He claimed that he didn't care. But when he found out that I planned a suprise pizza party for the soccer team, he was NOT happy. So, he completely missed out on that. That cost me 5 points on the TSL challenge but it was totally worth it to have the party for my team. Unfortunately, I am a lame loser and have zero pictures from the party. Lame!

And the rest of Saturday was pretty non-eventful. I was pretty tired after the team party. I wanted to go to bed early. And then when Sunday came, I woke up with a huge headache so I skipped church and tried to rest. Unfortunately, my son was still being a butt-head today so there wasn't much time for rest. But I am going to sign off for now and hopefully get some rsst. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Will check up on some blogs in the morning! Good night!

OH!! I just remembered that I wanted to show you what I made for my friend for her birthday! It probably might seem cheesy but I thought it was cool. I made the coupon on my computer cut it out and glued on foam paper. I hope she likes it:-) 1 pt for TSL!!

Good night!!



loved the coupon!!! What a great idea:) The bike is awesome, we need to go on a ride together!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Terecita!
Thank you so much for modifying your Comment box!
I'm sure it will help increase your traffic!
About your son use this old geezer's wiles who is still doing a lot of sport in spite of his Missus' scorn:
Find out about about your son's sports star, talk to Hubbie and lie your head off saying that such and such sport star eat soup every moning and evening to get more "juices" into his body!
Pretend (easy as it is true most of the time!) that such and such food is for you as you want to get stronger, but not for your son who has chosen to be a weakling,...
Don't tell your son, or he might start learning French to get his revenge on me!