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Friday, May 22, 2009

Yesterday's Eats and Date Night


In all actuality I am really only going to show you pictures from yesterday's breakfast. Oh wait! I will also show a picture from my afternoon snack! And the reason I'm not showing the other meals is because they are not interesting. As a matter of fact, I didn't even eat lunch...again! And for dinner, hubby and I had french toast pizza with slices of pineapple on the side. It was great (mostly because it was easy) for date night which I will get to later.

So, yesterday for breakfast, I decided to make some french toast. I use to make french toast ALL the time but haven't for a long time. But last week I went to my beautiful friend, Bobbi's house for breakfast and she made me french toast. So, now I have the craving for it. Here is mine. The mix is two eggs, 1/2 cup of low fat milk, vanilla, and cinammon. And then I top it with powdered sugar. I also made scrambled eggs. There was a little bit of the egg mix so i just added more eggs to the mix (which I've never done before) and scrambled them up. It definitely makes the texture a little different but they were still pretty good. And then I added some leftover slices of oranges.
And then for my afternoon snack, I decided to try to make another Ice Blended Mocha. It tasted great but I still need to add more ice to make it a little thicker. Once I get down just right, then I won't have to buy them at Coffee Bean anymore... that's money in my pocket!! (and another point for TSL. This time I topped it with whipped cream and powder for hot choocolate! Mmm...


In our home, date night is supposed to be on Thursday night but we haven't really done it SOOO long. But last night hubby and I made sure to just relax together. We didn't go out anywhere since we didn't ask my dad to babysit, so we rented a movie (Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull) and just had an easy dinner at home. It was really nice to just relax and just be together without stressing out about the everyday things that bog people down. I don't have any pictures which is fine because there really wasn't anything to take pictures of. Next week we are planning to have a picnic outside after our little monster goes to bed. We are going to put a blanket out in our yard, light some candles, eat, talk, and enjoy the beginnings of summer nights!

So, now I am going to be off to work. And I am definitely glad it's Friday and a 3 DAY WEEKEND!! I hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday weekend!


Friday - Family Fun Friday, will walk to Blockbuster to rent a movie and walk to the store to by food for Fun Friday.

Saturday - Soccer game in the morning, swimming at in-laws... hopefully child does not act up, RELAX

Sunday - Church, Lunch with In-laws, BBQ

Monday - We amazingly haven't made any plans. Maybe that would be a good day to get a game of ultimate frisbee together in the morning before it gets too hot!


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Emily said...

Thanks so much for commenting! :-)

Breakfast is my most important meal. I can think more clearly in the morning and have more energy when I eat it. Your french toast looks amazing!