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Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, this weekend didn't seem very jam-packed at first but somehow, It got packed! It was a wonderful weekend. I don't have too many pictures so I will keep the words brief because I know most people like to see all the pictures with the posts. And I still have to get use to carrying my camera all over the place taking pictures. So, here we go!

On Friday, we had Family Fun Friday. Often times we have watched a movie but I'm think that next week we might have to mix it up. Tyler (our 9-year old son) loves movie night because I don't think he got to watch enough movies where he was before he lived with us (may have to write a post on that someday) but I think we need to have some variety. Anyhow, first Tyler and I took a walk down to our local Blockbuster (1pt for TSL) to rent a movie. Since we get a free rental when return our Blockbuster Online video in the store, we definitely had to do that. The movie we rented was The Sword In The Stone. After that we walked (another point for TSL) to Albertson's (local grocery store) to get the food for Family Fun Friday. We basically just bought some ground turkey and some packages of Spanish rice. Then we walked home (another point. YAY!) Roundtrip, the walk was about 1.5 miles. And amazingly, my little Tyler didn't whine or complain the whole time.... but he was looking pretty tired. We didn't have to buy anything else at the store cause we had everything else we needed. I cooked up the ground turkey and the rice. Then I mixed them together. Then I put them in tortillas to make burittos. After they were wrapped I put them on the George Foreman grill for some extra goodness. :-) They were so good! And as for the time for the movie, Taylor (hubby) and I did not last very long. When 9:00 hit, we felt like it was midnight. I don't what happened but we had to call it a night. We had to tell Tyler that we would finish the movie another night. I guess we are getting old. :-) Here are the goods.

Inside the burittos were ground turkey, rice, and cheese. Then after they came off the Foreman, I sprinkled some more shredded cheese on top. On the side we had pineapple slices. In case you haven't noticed, I love fruit but I am lacking on the veggies. I need to change that. And then just for extras we had some Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Sorry no pic. SATURDAY

Saturday morning, we started off with some pancakes with more pineapples on the side. I think pineapple is my favorite fruit! In the pancake mix, I added vanilla and cinammon. It turned out SO good! But clearly I cooked one pancake longer than the other in this picture. Oops. :-) Still tasted good!
After breakfast, we headed out to our soccer game. The whole team consists of 7 players. 4 are allowed to play at a time. And we had THREE kids not come and their parents never let me know that they were not coming. So, the four players I had did an AWESOME job! These are the four players I had:

LYRIC: She is an amazing player. She always plays hard and she listens to instructions very well. Her personality is a definite bonus to this team!
DAYLIE: She loves to play defense. Sometimes I think it's just because she's lazy but she does do a good job of playing defense. But she always wants to stay back. But she came through for us on Saturday!
KRISTINA: She appears to be a shy quiet girl. She is very polite and considerate. She is usally a little bit timid on the field but this Saturday she really was on fire. She was attacking the ball over the field. She was amazing!
TYLER: Last but not least is my son. He has really improved a lot this season. He is actually following directions better and learning to have more control. He played really hard on Saturday and I am very proud of him!
We will just call these players my superstars! None of them have missed a game, except Tyler missed one due to being sick. All the ones that were not here have missed at least two. And there are only 9 games! Anyhow, we had a great game on Satuday!

So, then after we got home, and started doing our Saturday chores, my mother-in-law calls and asks if Tyler can come over to watch a movie with them. This was such a good thing becasue then Taylor and I got to hang out by ourselves. We went to Pick Up Stix, which I had a gift card for. We split Wok Combo which had sweet and sour chicken, steamed brown rice, and an egg roll. It was VERY satisfying! And then after we left there, we went to Golden Spoon to split a New York Cheese Cake Frozen Yogurt. We added strawberries, brownie crumbs, cookie dough, oreo crumbs, and of course hot fudge!!+ It was great! We got to enjoy a couple hours together with just us and we didn't spend a dime!! Well, except the gas to get to those places!! Sorry, no pictures. :-( Bummer because our food and frozen yogurt was really good!

So, then we went back home and dropped off our leftover frozen yogurt. And then we picked up the little one. By the way, we walked to the in-laws when we dropped Tyler off and when we picked him up (More points for TSL!).

So, after we got back, we just chilled at home. Tyler played with his LEGOS and Taylor and I just relaxed some more. Then we started Tyler through his evening routines of shower, chores, bed.

We started Sunday morning with just some cereal. Had to keep it light because we always go out to lunch after church with the in-laws. Then we headed off to church. We had a guest speaker from Colorado (I think). He was pretty interesting. Basically he talked about having spritual courage is just like having faith. Interesting.

After church, we all headed out to Panera Bread. I just had some Cream of Brocolli soup. I did not want to ruin my appetite for the barbecue later. Usually I get the You Pick Two and get a soup and a sandwich. So, I had to resist. :-)

Then we went home and relaxed for a couple of hours. Then I cut up the watermelon for the BBQ. Around 3ish, we headed out.

The barbecue was great. There were LOTS of good eats and there were some great people there, too (some of which I haven't seen in a couple of years! So, it was kind of like a reunion.

Here's the goods!

BBQ Chicken, Hamburgers, Turkey Burgers, and Hot dogs. The Burgers were the first things done so they went fast and that's why there aren't many in this picture. They were good! Home made patties.

Deviled Eggs made by the lovely host!

Now, this is not actually my plate but it was pretty close. I only added tomato to my burger. I don't this person got all this other stuff because I couldn't even barely take a bite with just the burger and tomato. The burgers were HUGE! On the side baked bean which were delicious and corn on the cob which I heard was amazing but didn't try because of my braces. :-(

The Spread - Great variety of chips, lots of veggies, watermelon, jelly beans, pretzels, etc, etc, etc.... good stuff!
Taylor and I spent a lot of time playing table tennis. We were trying to get three balls going. We could do it for a little while but not too long. Two balls at once worked pretty well, though. It gave me a little workout to work off all the food I ate.
And here are our amazing hosts!! Matt and Bobbi McCormick. Aren't they just beautiful?!?!? I love these guys. They are so down to earth and genuine! I am truly blessed to have them in my life!
So, that pretty much wraps up the weekend. We stayed at the barbecue until about 8:30 talking with everyone but then we decided it was time to put our little man to bed. So, we headed off.

Today we have been invited to a birthday party for Bobbi's niece. And I assume at some time today we will do something for my brother-in-law, Griffin. Nothing has been said yet but his birthday is today and usually we do something at the last minute. So, that will probably be dinner tonight.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I really like how you describe your family sound like an amazing mother to Tyler. I hope everything works out with the adoption you mentioned in your comment!

I love burnt panckaes!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a fun weekends and some delicious eats!

HangryPants said...

I love the descriptions of the soccer girls!

Hey Bobbi - I "know" her!!!

Tangled Noodle said...

After a weekend like, I'd need a vacation! 8-) It sounds like it was tiring but a lot of fun and you had some great food (loved the burritos and, of course, the pancakes!)

Navita said...

Seems like you had a great weekend...and don't apologise...I too am averse to the idea of carrying my camera...some ppl take it with them to the resto too...!!!

Anyways Hi my first time here n love this place.

Kristy said...

Wow, what a great post! All the food looks delicious!