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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Boy Is Home Sick

This morning when I woke my son up for school, he started complaining about his head hurting and was trying to tell me he didn't feel good. Well, being the hard-nosed tough mom that I am, I sent him to school anyways. In the past he has tried to pretend to be sick so that he could get the nice, cushy sick treatment. Well, today I thought that I would just send him to school and if his teacher could be convinced that he was sick then I would just come back and get him. Well, she did call and say that he wasn't feeling well. Apparently he wasn't too bad but he got worse as they got in to the day a little bit more. So, off I went to go pick him up. And here he is, all laid up in bed. Can you believe that he said it was okay for me to take this picture?
So, since Tyler is home sick, I had to take the day off of work. Now, I was kind of bummed because we need the money but it's also a good thing since I really feel that I just need a day to myself and I think this the closest to a day to myself that I am going to get. But since I have the time, I might as well update a little on my daily eats.

Yesterday's Breakfast; Very Simple Toast and Eggs
Yesterday's Mid-day Snack: Marble cake with chocolate frosting. I made this for myself on Mother's Day! :-) But have been sharing it with the fam. I wonder if that counts for a point for the TSL challenge. Hmmm....

Yesterday's Lunch: Turkey sandwich with a banana. Accidentally took a bite before I remembered to take the picture. Oops.
Yesterday's Dinner: Turkey burgers on the George Foreman Grill. Also had some chips on the side.I forgot to take a picture of dinner. Have to get use to taking pictures of what I eat.

Didn't seem like yesterday had balanced meals. There were some healthy things in there but I can't believe I didn't add any fruit to any of those meals especially since we have so much fruit in our house.

As for this morning, I made some delicious pancakes which I also forgot to take a picture of. They just smell so good when they are piiping hot, I just had to dig in. :-)

And since I have been home I have done some laundry and tidied our bedroom which has been a disaster since we moved. And now I will have to sign off and get some more stuff done. Have a wonderful day everyone! And tomorrow morning I get to enjoy the wonderful french toast from Mrs. Bobbi McCormick! Woo hoo!

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