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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

This morning I wrote a blog of how Mother's Day Weekend has been going so far... Well, now the day is pretty much over and I need to recap the day.

This morning as I was writing my last post my boys were making me breakfast! This is what it was... chocolate flavored pancakes in the shape of hearts!! They were SO good! But let me start from the beginning. When I first came down the stairs my men were waiting with a rose each. :-)

Then from there came the very delicious pancakes that I enjoyed very much. Mmmm...
Then after eating breakfast, the three of us went to church where they had carnations for anyone to give to their mothers. After church we went out to lunch with my in-laws as we do pretty much every Sunday. We almost always go to Panera.

After that I took my 13 year-old little bro-in-law to go get something for his mom for Mother's Day. While we were at the store, my hubby and my son had something else in the works. So, when I got home there was another Mother's Day surprise for me - A Fruit Spectacular!

Then after that was finished we went to the in-laws to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother-in-law. We just hung out with the fam. We played some tennis and had some pasta (unfortunately didn't have my camera and then she opened her gifts. This is what we made (oh yeah! another point for TSL Challenge!) for her! We took the picture of her before we went to her house.

We took a picture of us making the shape of an "A" and title it "A" mom. The sign says "You're an Amazing mom!" It's kind of an inside joke about Taylor's mom (who raised him) and his birth mom. Taylor's mom loved the picture. And then, of course, I made my own frame.
So, that is my recap of my first Mother's Day. There were some issues with my son but I won't really go into that so that I can focus on the good parts. All in all, it was a great first Mother's Day! Thank you to my wonderful hubby who helped make it happen!!!!!

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