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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Thus Far

So, today is Mother's Day... a day dedicated to celebrating mothers. This is my very first Mother's Day as a mother. It's kind of weird because I always thought my first Mother's Day would be with a baby but my first Mother's Day is with a wonderful 9-year old boy.

Here is a picture my son, Tyler, and me before his first basketball game in January. I was able to coach his team.
This weekend was supposed to be so eventful but I think that we tried to plan too many events in to 3 days. So, here is a little bit of a wrap-up of the weekend so far. I will try to write more this evening to re-cap Mother's Day.

Friday is normally supposed to Family Fun Friday but somehow the time got away from us and it just got too late. We were supposed to grill up some turkey burgers and watch a movie out under the stars. The Friday movie of choice was The Sandlot, a oldie but a goodie. Unfortunately there wasn't time so we pretty much fed the child and sent him to bed. Bummer.

Saturday morning started with a soccer game. I am currently coaching Tyler's soccer team. And yesterrday we got our pictures that we ordered. Here is our team picture with Tyler's individual picture right above it.
We had a GREAT game yesterday. The kids are SO amazing! And as for Tyler, he is finally starting to understand that listening to the coaches helps him do well in games and practices! These are really good kids. They don't know it yet but next Saturday I am throwing a surprise pizza party for them. ( I know that will cost me 5 points on The Simple Lfe Challenge but it will be worth it!)

After the game we got showered up and headed over to my parents' house to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. Normally we do it on Sunday but my dad decided to barbecue yesterday and so we just decided to do all the gifts yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the food because the batteries to my camera were starting to die. But before that happened I was able to get a pic of me and my mom.

And this is the picture we did to make my mom's Mother's Day gift. We took this picture yesterday and got it developed at Target and then I made a frame out of construction paper. And I was actually surprised how much my mom loved the gift. (She's sometimes really picky about her gifts.)
We were supposed to go to a Late, Last Minute Baby Shower for my brother's new baby boy. But since he scheduled at the same time as the barbecue at my parents' house, we were unable to make. My brother plans things very strangely... but that's a whole other story that I don't need to get in to.

So, after the barbecue at my dad's house, we rushed home because we foolishly also planned a barbecue at our own home with some of our friends... not so smart because we were really tired. But once people started showing up, we had a good time anyways. We grilled up some hot dogs and turkey burgers. Then of course we had some chips and some watermelon on the side.

This is a picture of Bailey (my brother-in-law who is 13) with my son Tyler and his buddy, Daniel. Whenever Bailey comes over, he always takes over the grill.
After we all ate, we roasted marshmallows. Danny actually preferred to just completely catch his on fire. :-) And here comes his dad to the rescue!
And here's a picture of my hubby, Taylor, and Tyler with our friend, Brian, and his son Danny. I guess that's the perfect father and son pic in front of a fire.

So, that pretty much wraps up the weekend thus far! As I am typing this my hubby and my son are making me breakfast! Woo hoo! And then we are off to church! So, I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day!

Question of the Day: Does anyone have any great Mother's Day stories to share?

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