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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Eats and Farewell to My Midnight


This morning I woke up pretty tired. At first I was thinking that I was going to just skip breakfast because I was just feeling SO lazy. I don't know what has been going on recently but I have just been feeling so lazy and tired all the time. But this morning I was determined to make myself a hot breakfast no matter what. And I will definitely say that I am glad that I did because it was so good! I made chocolate chip pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar and a few peanut butter chips on top as well. Then I also had some cut-up pieces of watermelon and a cup of orange juice. I also tried to make my own Ice Blended Mocha (another point for TSL) but it didn't turn out anything like the ones I get at Coffee Bean. It's a work in progress but it still tasted good.

For my hubby's breakfast, I made him one large, chocolate chip pancake that was sprinkled with powdered sugar and had a heart on top made out of peanut butter chips.
Somehow, I managed to not eat lunch today. This actually happens pretty often since I started working again. But amazingly I didn't feel hungry at all until about 7pm. That's probably cause I had such a filling breakfast.

But for dinner, I made Quesadillas, Mac 'N' Cheese with sliced hot dogs, and sliced oranges and strawberries for the hubby. I had almost the same thing but instead of quesadillas (not a big quesadilla fan), I had a frozen french bread pizza. I made the quesadillas with Mission whole wheat tortilla wraps. And the strawberries were so big that I only needed to cut up four! Inside the quesadillas was cheese (obviously!) and thin slices of ham.
So, that sums up all of my eating for the day. I'm surprised I was actually able to take pictures of most of that stuff. Usually I forgot especially when it smells so good. And I am definitely one of those poeple that has to start eating while the food is freshly hot off the stove, oven, or grill.


So, today was the day that I had to say good bye to my lovely dog, Midnight. I almost cried when the new owners drove away with my dog. I still can't even believe that he's not with us anymore because he was, I mean he IS, such a great dog. Here is the last picture of him I will ever have. I took it today while we were waiting for his new owner's.
I will have to post some other random pics of him on another post just for the heck of it. Well, I need to get to bed. I really want to try to get up at 5am tomorrow so I can get in some exercise. I've REALLY slacked since we moved but I really need to get my schedule under control. I hope everyone's week has been going well so far. Be encouraged that it's halfway over and we (most of us) have a 3-day weekend!

Question of the Day: What are the exciting plans that everyone has for Memorial Day weekend?




awww so sad about midnight:(

Are you coming to our BBQ this weekend??? Did you get the evite???

Oh and love all the food dear, mmmm pancakes!

Lacey Nicole said...

great job with your breakfast!! bfast is by far my fave meal.

i am so sad about your midnight :(

my weekend: elliot and i leave tomorrow for phoenix!!!! i'm so nervous, i have never been there. and my poster presentation is on saturday. the rest of the time will be spent at the conference (applied behavior analysis) and just hanging out- til tuesday!!! having elliot there will make it feel kind of like a vacation.

Dia said...

Sorry you had to pass Midnight on - sounds like he'll have a good home - but boo!!
Thanks for visiting my blog - hooping does sound fun!!

This weekend my 'other' grandkids (live ~ 2 hours away) are coming down for ballet & then to stay overnight. We'll take them home Sun or Mon . . . fun!

I love making my own granola for both breakfast & snacks!
I use ~ a quart of OG rolled oats, chop some nuts, add flaked coconut, drizzle on some agave nectar (takes less than honey, ~ 1/4 C?) & several spoons of Coconut oil & bake for 20 min at 250* - it's never too brown at that heat!
I let it sit in the oven after I turn it off, (can bake a little longer if you want), then store in a glass jar. That's my FAV. breakfast (& pretty quick to put tog.) I love coconut oil to cook with - & 'good for us' after all!

I usually add fresh or frozen fruit & some yogurt in the AM; have been making rhubarb tapioca this spring, & using that; you could put in raisins (easiest after it's cooked!)

s. stockwell said...

I'm sitting here with tears? I'm so sorry to know that you had to find a home for Midnight? This is so hard. I am hoping it is temporary. Your blog is wonderful! It's great to be foodie friend and i will watch for your posts. best, s

Tangled Noodle said...

I'm sorry to hear that Midnight had to leave your family! Our beloved bulldog, Douglas, passed away at age 12 nearly 3 years ago and it was devastating; our new dog, Cruise (the one in my profile pic), is our 'baby' and I don't know what we'd do if we no longer had him. I know that you've taken comfort in the fact that he's going to a good home.

With that said, the pancakes look delicious!