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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Brief Update & Plans For The Weekend

So, we have officially moved for the second time in about a month. I absolutely HATE moving but I must admit that this move was much smoother. And in addition to that, we found a place that was about $200 less than where we were AND we have WAY more space. So, after all that stress, everything worked out for the best. YAY! So, hopefully (fingers crossed) we will not have to ever move again unless we buy a house.

For the most part this has been a pretty "blah" week. Filled with getting unpacked and eating lots of unhealthy food as we always do when we move cause I'm too lazy and tired to actually cook... Bad me!! But now we are pretty much completely unpacked so we should be able to get back in to the groove of things. I took absolutely no pictures of anything that I ate. My hubby did, however, take a picture of one thing he made himself for lunch. I think he's starting to like taking pictures of his food. :-) He's so thoughtful. Now, I don't know if I would think this is too appetitzing but I'm posting because I appreciate him taking a picture of his meal. Too much hot dogs again. He didn't what all was in so I'm not quite sure. If anyone has any quesses, I'd love to hear them. Sorry for the picture being kind of dark. It was taken on his camera phone.

This weekend shoukl be pretty good. Tonight, we have Family Fun Friday scheduled. I have decided yet what we are going to have for dinner yet. Any suggestions? Something good but EASY. Cause the whole point is to not put a lot of work in to the meal. Maybe we might grill some hot dogs or burgers and enjoy some games outside. I know... that probably sounds like a weird choice since I just commented about hubby's meal being too much hot dog. But I do love them off the grill!! I just think they taste way better.

Then on Saturday morning we have our last soccer game. I am pretty sad because I had a GREAT group of kids on my team. After that, we are having our end of the season team party at my apartment. I will definitely try to make sure that I take lots of pics this time. Then Saturday afternoon, we are trying to decide if we want to go to a Strawberry Festival at Plymouth Village (a senior home in our town, Redlands, CA) or just relax.

Sunday morning we are off to church for some good teaching from the Bible. After church we usually go to lunch with my in-laws. And then we may possibly take Tyler to the San Bernardino County Museum. He's never been there before and it's usually free admittance on the first Sunday of every month. So, that's the plans for the weekend (as of right now) and probably a little more unpacking.

So, now I have to get ready and be off to work! Have a great Friday everyone!

Any big plans for the weekend?!?!?

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