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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I promised to write a post about missionaries almost a week ago and now it is finally here. One reader asked me this question:

"how do missionaries survive financially? where do they live? i am curious about the logistics! i always want to simplify my life and live with less and just clean out everything. i just don't know where to start!"

So, now I am finally answering her question. Sorry it took so long! I will answer in three parts to the best of my ability. I have never been labeled a missionary but so many of my friends have been but in all actuality a Christian should be a missionary where ever they are. So, here it goes:

1. How do missionaries survive financially? Well, there are so many ways that missionaries survive. The most common is financial support. They either get financially supported through an organization or they are supported by their church family or they are supported by Christiaan brothers and sisters that feel God leading them to give money. Some missionaries find work in the country that they live in and financially survive that way. Also, as a missionary in another country, it is usually easier to spend less money, because most places where you would go as a missionary, the people all around you have a lot less.

2. Where do they live? Missionaries live everywhere. There are missionaries in almost every country in the world. If it is short-term, many missionaries either stay in a hotel or with another missionary that has a long-term home there. If you go through an organization, usually they set up housing for you so that makes it a little easier. If you go on your own, then you have to find a place.

3. Simplify your life - Where to start? There are so many places to start but usually the easiest is with clothes. Most people in America have WAY more clothes than they need (including myself). I usually where the same clothes over and over. And then there's that sectionof clothes that I only wear once in and a while. Well, those clothes could easily be donated or given away. What we have done in our home, is put extra clothes in the back of our mini-van and we give them to homeless people that may need some. (FYI: Not all homeless people need that. Some have quite a stash of stuff). After that, it is usually a personal preference. We definitely could get rid of a lot more stuff. There are a lot of movies that we don't watch all the time that we could easily sell. We are also trying to budget our food. We have really been taking advantage of the 99 cent only store out here. You definitely can't get everything there, but it helps. But I would definitely start with the clothes. From there, it's up to you on how much and fast you simplify everything else.

So, I hope that was helpful. I know, just writing it made me think that I should continue to simplify my life and our home.

So, it's about time for me to head off to work but before I do...

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Have a great day everyone!


Lacey Nicole said...

thank you :) this was a great and inspiration description. what really opened my eyes: "it is usually easier to spend less money, because most places where you would go as a missionary, the people all around you have a lot less." and i think it must be so true-- because where i live now people have SO MUCH and just want more. i would like to go somewhere someday where that isn't the case.

Dia said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)
As Lacey said, your piece is lovely & inspirational - & As you observed - in this society, we tend to have SO MUCH compared to folks in so many other places! I sure have those 'back of the closet things, & also 'usually' wear just a few things!
The youth & some adults from several churches in our community have the opp. to go to a village in Mexico over spring break & build 3 or 4 SMALL houses - such a great experience! A young lady just grad. from seminary, & is going back to S America soon (has been in Nicaragua - will be going to another country) - she's doing a 'unit' at the summer camp, & begins with having the kids was their hands as they enter the class, as 'sanitation' is a big issue where she's lived.