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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Woman After God's Own Heart

Yesterday I wrote that I had been reading "Is There A Moose In Your Marriage?" but I don't think that I mentioned that I had finished it and that's why my friend, Sandi, and I were talking about it on Monday. I just want to touch on it a little bit and then move on to the new book that I am reading.


This book has been such a great challenge in prioritizing my life. It's about the little road blocks that we sometimes have in our marria
ges that we LET stay in our way. I think that I have been very selfish in my marriage and I have not been fulfilling the role that God had intended in my marriage. I was called to be a servent - not just in my marriage but in life. The role of the wife is to be her husband's helper. This book really makes me see that how I treat my husband is how I treat my Lord, Jesus. And I just wanted to challenge any of you to pick up this book. I'm not at all saying that you have problems in your marriage (because I don't have problems). But this book will challenge you to do things to help your marriage get better. I don't know how many of you are believers out there but I absolutely LOVE that the book centers your marriage on Christ. If you are a believer, this is a great read.


This is the book that I just started reading yesterday.
You are probably thinking... What's up with all the books??? Well, this is part of the spiritual journey that I am also going on. I want to really draw closer to God and improve my prayer life and live my life for God. All the books that I am reading right now have to do with prioritizing God in my life. I'm trying to read these books at night and I'm trying to read my Bible every morning.

So, I just finisihed the first chapter of this book and it looks pretty good already. This will be another book that gives me a heart check. Where are my priorities? Whom do I serve? Who on earth are the most important people in my life? How do I make sure God is involved in every area of my life? Etc, etc, etc. Can't wait to dig in even more.


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Question of the Day: How and when do you decide to do a give away? I've been wanting to do a give away on my site but I really don't know exactly how to go about doing it. Do companies sponsor your give aways or do you just go out and buy the stuff? Would love to hear your input!


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Anonymous said...

i love your blog so far and thanks for the shout out, can't wait to read more!! remember that your personal relationship with God is all between you and Him. you don't have to be in a church to worship and pray with Him, He is always there with you wherever and whenever!! i wish all my stuff from my time on Mercy Ships wasn't in boxes!! we read some great stuff....may angels keep you this day! i always love max lucado and phillip yancey, short, simple, to the point and yet still get you thinking without a bunch of mumbo jumbo :p