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Friday, June 12, 2009

Small Victory + Family Restaurant + The New Challenge

Wow! That seems like a lot to get in on one post but I will try to keep it brief because I'm sure short and sweet would be best.


I would like to start off this post writing about our family's small victory. We are currently going through the adoption process and his been so ridiculous. Our son, Tyler, is 9 years old and he certainly has his issues (well, of course, after what he's been through)but he does NOT need any medication. For those people that have met him, they see that he doesn't need medication. Unfortunatly, the County social worker felt that Tyler should be re-evaluated after he a really bad month behaviorally. One month out of ten is not bad in my opinion since it use to be a weekly (sometimes daily occurence where he use to live). Anyhow, after 3 visits to the psychiatrist, he determined yesterday that Tyler does NOT need meds!! We were extremely excited. Tyler almost jumped out of his seat. He was almost shocked that anyone else besides us would think he doesn't need meds because they have been saying he needs them for so long. So, this is one small (actually pretty huge to us) for us and we have about a ton more to go. Here's a picture of me and Tyler while we were in the waiting room waiting for our official paper saying that there is no need for medication.

In honor of this small victory (along with some other changes we made in the household in regards Tyler) we decided to go out to eat. We went to a place that we have never been before. We drive by all the time, wondering if it is any good. Well, last night we decided to find out. It is called Redlands Family Restaurant. It was very quiet and relaxing which I loved cause we could just enjoy each other's company. The prices were pretty reasonable and we got plenty of food. Here's what we ordered:

First, we started out with a sampler platter ($8.99) which had chicken strips, buffalo wings, mozarella sticks, and onion rings. (There were also some veggies for an added to touch but they were advertised on the menu). And everything on the platter was really good and there was so much that there were leftovers.
Tyler order the kids' grilled cheese ($4.99). It was a pretty good-sized sandwich and came with fries and some veggies (which Tyler did eat). Sorry the pic is blurry.
Taylor went with that hamburger meal ($7.99) which was also huge. And it came with all the fixings and fries.
I ordered the chicken parmesian ($8.99). There was a picture of it in the menu and I couldn't resist. However, it didn't look like the picture. There was WAY more pasta and chicken. The chicken is all under the pasta so you can't really tell. The chicken wasn't what I expected for chicken parmesian but it was still good. But since we had so much food, I just decided to eat the pasta and save the chicken so I can make a sandwich out of it for lunch today. And the chicken parmesian came with soup or salad (and I picked the soup which was Navy Bean). It was pretty good soup. And there was also garlic bread which I somehow didn't take a picture of. Hmm...

Overall, I would say that we really enjoyed our meals and would go there again. However, even the prices were decent, it is still high priced for our budget so we wouldn't go there often. We actually don't eat out too often anymore cause it costs so much more when you have a child.


So, here it finally is, my new challenge that I accepted from my friend, Bobbi. Actually it's more like 3 challenges. It's a challenge to do 100 push ups, 200 sit ups, and 200 squats. Each of these are actually three different 6-week programs to set you to reach the goals of doing 100 consecutive push ups, 200 consecutive sit ups, and 200 consecutive squats. Each of these programs can be done individually but we have decided to do them together. You take the initial test so that you can see where you start in the program. When preparing to do the initial tests I was not at all worried about sit ups or squats. I can do enough of those to not be embarressed when I post the results. However, when it comes to push ups, I'm so bad at them. My arms are pretty strong but I'm also pretty heavy so I've always struggled with push ups and usually just avoided them. But not now... I'm going to work at getting better at those. So, for the test you just start doing as many as you can in a row until you have to stop. And based on that number, it is determine where you should start in the program. Well, here are my results from my test:

Push Ups (I can't believe I'm sharing this) : 12
Sit ups: 133
Squats: 77

So, based on these numbers, I know where I start in the challenge. Please feel free to check out these sites and feel free to join us in the challenge. Join us in one, two, or all three challenges!!

100 Push Ups Challenge
200 Sit Ups Challenge
200 Squats Challenge

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday! The week has gone by pretty quickly which is good (and bad). But there are some wonderful things that I'm looking forward to this weekend. Here's the plan for the weekend:

Tonight - Soccer Awards Night
Saturday - Hike with Bobbi, wait for guy to install DirecTV (blah), and have some family time
Sunday - Church in the morning, lunch with the in-laws, more family time (possibly go out to Joshua Tree or Idyllwild since it has been cool enough still), and then come back for my in-law's birthday dinner.

Lots of things to do before I go to work. Have a great Friday everyone!!


Emily said...

Glad to hear the good news about Tyler!

The 3 challenges sound really hard, especially the pushup challenge!

Screamin' Mama said...

Great that your son doesn't need meds. I'm usually wary about long term use of drugs especially with kids.

Good luck with your challenge. I don't think I can even do one push up off the floor...maybe 20 off the stairs...

Lou said...

Pushups, situps, AND squats? What a fantastic challenge...and I'm sure you'll make it.

Great news about your Tyler!

All the best.