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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last Day Of School + Pool Play Date + Hubby's Birthday

** NOTE: Hello wonderful bloggers! This week has been so exhausting for me. I can't even believe it. I do want to apologize. I actually typed up this post yesterday but didn't have time to download the pictures. So, today (6/28) I am uploading the pictures but I'm not changing any of the text. So, some of the things that says that I am going to do may have already been done. But I will write a weekend wrap up either tonight or tomorrow as well. Sorry for the bad blogging. I am amazing by those of you who do it everyday and especially those who do it twice a day!**


Wednesday was my son't last day of school. In honor of it, I made some marble cupcakes with chocolate frosting. The kids devoured them.When I went to pick up Tyler (showed up a little early) they were watching The Sandlot. I wish I would have showed up even earlier cause I love that movie! I even remembered to bring my camera. I asked Tyler if he wanted to take any pictures with his teacher or staff members and he said yes (while almost crying). This was such a big year for him and he got his best report kid ever since he started school. And he didn't get suspended once this WHOLE year!!! (He used to get suspended at least once every other week before he moved in with us.) Tyler was kind of sad that he may not see his teacher anymore. He's going to have a different teacher and a different school next year. Here's a pic of him and his teacher.
And then we were walking to the van, Tyler was almost crying. But that didn't last long because of what was planned for after school...


After school I had planned a swimming play date with one of the girls from our soccer team. So, right after school, I took Tyler over there and they went swimming and had some hot dogs, chips, strawberries, and some ice cream. No pics of any of the food. Don't really know why I didn't take any. But did get some pics of the kids playing. One of the girls was on Tyler's soccer team and our families totally bonded. It's great because Tyler actually has a real friend - and it's one that he can see during the summer.That was a pretty tiring day. I was out in the sun for a long time and didn't think to drink any water. BIG mistake. When I got home I knew I was dehydrated. I was extremely tired. But it was worth it. The kids had a great time!


Thursday was hubby's birthday. We had a BBQ (just hot dogs and hamburgers) which was a lot of fun. Taylor really enjoyed fellowshipping with everyone. Tyler made him a pretty cool birthday card. And then Tyler made a gift together. For some reason I had not picture of the spread (sorry). But we had plenty of fruit, chips, cheez-its, jelly bellies, and the hot dogs and hamburgers. The jelly bellies were the first things to disappear. Here are the other pics of the party.

Taylor's Birthday cake. Stater Bros (grocery store) marble cake with chocolate frosting. It was SO good!!
Everyone chatting it up. Friends and Family!
Some good hockey games... Grandma v. Grandson
Me and the hubby at the end of the party. As you can see, he came straight from work. :-)

So, that catches you up for most ot the days. Yesterday we did Family Fun Friday but I will have to write about that later when I wrap up the weekend because I don't want to make the post too long.

But here are the plans for the rest of the weekend:

- Cut boys' hair
- Buy a wedding gift
- Leave to San Diego by 12:30 (1:00 at the absolute latest!!!) today
- Wedding in San Diego tonight
- Church tomorrow morning
- Hopefully somewhere in there is rest
- Get Tyler packed for camp
- Blog
- Clean

So, I am off to get started! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

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Lacey Nicole said...

you are BUSY!!! marble cupcakes-- brilliant-- i have never thought to do that :) so much fun having friends from soccer you can meet up with-- i love when investments you make keep on giving :)