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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Dose of Reality

Today after Tyler's therapy, I went over to one of my soccer player's house. Her mom told me that she would make me a CD of all the pictures that she took for the season. This is perfect because I like to make a slideshow DVD for my players and I know that I didn't take nearly enough pictures on my own. So, anyways, I was thinking that this would be a quick stop by just to get the CD but then it turned in to a 3 hour conversation!! I was blessed to meet this family. The player's house that I went to was Lyric. Her parents names are Josh and Sara. And then there are 3 other children!!!: Ireland, Kennedy, and Liam. I love all the names that they picked. :-) So, on to the 3-hour conversation.

Josh and Sara McKee informed me today that they are selling all of their possessions and moving to Hungary to become missionaries! I think this is SO awesome! They were both just telling me how God is working in their lives and how he has humbled them. God has done (and is still doing) a wonderful work in their lives, their marriage, and their family. As I was talking to them, I was being convicted of all the luxuries I have in my life that I DON"T NEED!! In the past I have often tossed around the idea of becoming a missionary but I also oten made lots of (selfish) excuses for why I shouldn't do it. In all reality, Christians are supposed to be missionaries where ever they are so no matter where I live, I should be sharing Jesus with people! Do I do that??? Not even close! As part of my journey that I started, I wanted to get closer with God. I NEED to be out sharing the Good News! I need to spend more time in prayer, more time in God's word, and more time sharing the gospel with people around me. And I do pray that God will open that door to the overseas mission field once Tyler is officially, legally our son. Not that America is not a mission field (because it CERTAINLY is) but I feel that when you go overseas , you are forced in to the RAW essentials in life. In America, there are so many things that distract Christians from God's purpose in their life. So, if you remember, please pray for our hearts to be listening to God's direction in our lives for the mission field in the future. Also, please do pray for the McKee Family as they begin their journey in to the mission field. In addition, if you would feel in your heart at all that you are being led to support them financially in getting to Hungary, I'm sure they would be so very greatful! All money to support them can be sent to:

McKee Family
1594 LaPraix St
Highland, CA 92346

Please make checks out to Sara or Josh McKee. Write Hungary in the Memo section.

I was going to post some other pics and discuss some other things but we just had a random, late night visit (after 10pm) that has just left (at 10:38pM). So, now that he has gone, I am now REALLY tired. But at least I got out the most important information. Have a blessed night!


Lacey Nicole said...

how do missionaries survive financially? where do they live? i am curious about the logistics! i always want to simplify my life and live with less and just clean out everything. i just don't know where to start!

Lou said...

Hi Terecita, I just found your blog. How wonderful to journal your get-healthy program. I'm sending you lots of virtual support :-)